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We feel it's imperative to bring our enthusiasm and creative know-how to the local church. We have served the small, medium, and large church market, and also individual creative Christian for 25 years. Our goal is to bring that wisdom, experience, and teaching to your creative team and congregation.

There is someone in your church, or on your team, that is ready to take the nest step in what God has for them. We care about each and every one of the folks God has given any kind of creative gifting to, AND we care about helping them use them better and grow for the betterment of their church, community, and world.

Here are a few ways we can help:

The Creative Weekend Retreat

This is a complete weekend event that we bring to your church to feed the heart and soul of your church team.

On Saturday morning and afternoon, we'll bring a word to the heart of your artists, growing and exhorting them both as a team and individually.

We can have the band, or individuals play and really break down what's going on and how they can be more effective.

Then on Saturday night, we can have a fun recital or creative concert for the church. We've put on dozens of coffeehouses through the years that serve as a great way for your folks to get experience and share their talents, but also provide entertainment and fellowship for the church body

We can also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring time throughout the weekend for anyone who would like to pursue further hobbyist or even professional goals as creatives, artists, or songwriters.

On Sunday we can be available to present worship together in your Sunday Morning Service. We can develop or present a song or creative segment to pair with the pastor's message. Or we can work before to develop something unique and talk about what we've been doing on this weekend.

For more information on this exciting and fun weekend, just contact us and let's talk about how this could truly impact and grow your team.

Bring Your Team to Creative Soul

Looking to do something special for your creative team? Bring your team to Nashville, or Disney for one of our unique training events. We're currently developing our first event for January, 2015. Please contact us if you are interested.


For the Creative Soul author and producer Eric Copeland is available to speak at your church retreat, conference, or seminar on a wide variety of topics concerning being a creative person in today's church, and the struggles of being a creative Christian in the world today. Here are just a few of the topics Eric can cover.

The Courage to Begin Down YOUR Individual Creative Road
What talents as God given you that you've been reticent to explore and present to the world? How do you get started? What what does God expect of you as you unravel the talents He has provided?

Finding Time for Creativity in Your Busy Life
You'd love to follow the big creative dream the Lord has given you, but there's just not enough hours in the day. How to reclaim back time in your life for creativity without losing your job, your marriage, or your sleep (OK, maybe you do give up some sleep...)

Time for a Turnaround
Tired of the status quo and what you've been doing creatively? Consistently reaching a ceiling in what you are able to do with your creative talent? Maybe it's time to drastically turn things around. And it's alot easier than you think...

Custom Themes
Have a specific topic, conference theme, or message series that surrounds Christian creativity, talents, and artists? We can speak about on the subjects covered on any of blogs and newsletters on various creative topics. And if we don't have one already written, we can write a special presentation just for your event or church. We can even write a song to go with it.

Business and Secular Events
Even though For the Creative Soul is written by Christians for Christians, we can also speak to more business/secular crowds on Creative Leadership, Creativity in the Workplace, as well as various topics and careers in the Music Industry (including songwriting, the music business, and music production).

Contact us at the tab above and get in touch and let's bring For the Creative Soul to your event, company, or church today. Or email us at

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Eric Copeland is an author, producer, keyboardist, songwriter, and president of Creative Soul Companies. What is Creative Soul? Our main goals are to inform, encourage, and assist Christian creative folks in ministry, no matter where they are in their journey. Thanks for reading! Find out more about us at